At Wonderbox we believe in the future!
We deploy programs to boost your employability
and help you in your future career.
Whether it’s an internship, an apprenticeship program or a V.I.E., we have an opportunity for you.

Our internships

At Wonderbox, we favor long-term internships, 6 months. This immersion in the professional world allows you to acquire the necessary skills to enter the job market. Our Wonder Tutors are business experts who will accompany you, train you and help you realize your professional project. End-of-study internships can be transformed with a future employment.

Our Apprenticeship programs

At Wonderbox, we support you through apprenticeship contracts. This experience will allow you to develop your skills in a profession, to enrich your knowledges, and to grow with us!

A little advice: don’t forget to indicate the type of contract you are looking for, as well as your school’s schedule on your resume.

Our V.I.E.

Do you speak several languages? Are you a fan of foreign countries?

At Wonderbox, we offer V.I.E. contracts in many of our subsidiaries.

Our Wonder People will be ready to welcome you and give you a 360° immersion in a new country. You will also develop skills that will allow you to learn a new profession in a different market.

Our campus actions

Throughout the year, our Wonder Recruiters from our various subsidiaries take part in advertising our careers at your universities/schools.

Whether virtual or on your premises, don’t hesitate to visit us to submit your application!