Our teams

At Wonderbox, We are one team is one of our values.
Our teams are committed to work together towards our vision.


Joining our Marketing team means highlighting our offers and brands in an innovative way by boosting brand awareness, but also by multiplying sales generation. This task requires anticipating consumer needs, but also monitoring competitive practices.


Our commercial team is responsible for promoting our brands to our distributors, retail outlets, business and states clients to generate continuous revenue growth. Our philosophy in the team is at the square of the taste of challenge, creativity, and a great team spirit. The best feedback is to hear our customers recognize us as trusted experts, true captains of the giftcard and giftbox experiences.


Joining the group’s studio means being part of a multidisciplinary and complementary team working on a 360° playground.

We are undisputed experts on our products and a true lab’ for marketing innovations.

We are committed to make the most beautiful package, the most beautiful User Interfaces, the most beautiful films, the best social network posts, with an obsession for detail and a pride taking on all the challenges… and there are plenty!

Customer Service

Our customer service department is dedicated to assisting, supporting and advising our end customers. This service is the link between the company and the people who have already purchased or used our experiences. Our mission: to advise, accompany and guide them on their purchase, and to provide assistance to any question and issue after the sale. We are committed to putting our customers at the center of discussions by listening and answering their questions in an efficient manner, as we have been recognized with the “Best Customer Service of the Year” award again this year.

IT & Data

Our IT & Data teams create and manage our digital tools, as well as any technological project of the group.

By joining our team, you will discover a team that supports its internal customers in an innovative way and committed to develop the digitalization of the group. Our goal is to use technology and data to improve the daily life of our teams and ensure a quality digital customer experience.


Our teams are committed to produce and deliver our products to our customers. And this in effective conditions meeting quality, cost and time.

We work together to find sustainable suppliers and resources that support our vision.

Human Resources

Our team’s mission is to promote and bring to life Wonderbox’s unique culture in order to attract, integrate and develop talent through an employee experience that we enrich every day.

Finance & Legal

Our function aims to provide an efficient service on the transactional and financial/legal expertise activities of the group. These activities include general accounting, accounts payables, partner accounting, contracts, legal, and internal control.

Our job is to stay on top of any regulatory changes, measure the risks and provide strategic expertise to our internal partners.


Our E-commerce team reunite the expertise on web, sales and marketing, always on the cutting edge of new marketing and communication techniques. We are responsible for the development of our sales on the Internet and for conveying the image of our company to our customers.

And as we ensure the smooth running of online sales, we combine the following essential skills: sales, data and the web!